There are lots of trade opportunities between Azerbaijan and Thailand, the Thai ambassador to Azerbaijan with a residence in Ankara, Tharit Charungvat said in an exclusive interview with Trend Sept. 16.
He said the two countries have had diplomatic relations for quite long time.

Charungvat went on to add that the trade turnover between Thailand and Azerbaijan is almost a little more than $1,200 million per year.

The ambassador noting that Thailand has many things to sell to Azerbaijan, said, “Thailand is a capital of food, fruits and seafood.”

Charungvat also said his country believes that it needs a lot more Azerbaijani oil and gas in the future.
The diplomat noted that while in Baku he discussed a possible air service agreement between the two countries, which would be a fundamental agreement allowing flights to Azerbaijan from Thailand.

He also said tourism will make relations between the two countries stronger.
“It will also open opportunities for trade and investments,” added the ambassador.

Charungvat noted that he will work on getting the people of the two countries to know each other better.
“Azerbaijan is a beautiful country with a very long history,” he added. “This is something Thai people would want to discover, I believe they would like it.”

He also noted that soon Thailand will have a full representation in Baku. Charungvat went on to congratulate Azerbaijan for the successful holding of the Baku 2015 European Games.

He said the Baku 2015 has contributed to get Azerbaijan better known in the world.
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